IPG acts as an agent on your behalf.  Our goal is to eliminate all non-design related items for the designer during the purchasing process, by offering full-service FFE procurement management.

We focus on the organizational process so you can focus on the creative design process.


"Bethany brings a level of professionalism, thoroughness and understanding to the procurement process that has been my good fortune to experience over the past 15 years working with her.  Bethany understands that procurement is integral to the design implementation process and her role in collaborating with designers in delivering a successful end product is essential."

Tom McWalters, Principle, McWalters Collaborative, Architecture + Design, Chicago + San Francisco  

"Working with Bethany allowed me the space to focus on my design, my clients and my business and not worry about the small details involved with furniture procurement. Making the decision to work with her was on of the best decisions I have made.  Bethany is so organized and detail oriented and keeps track of every dime our clients give us."

Jennifer Greer Hartmann, Owner, GREER Interior Design, Austin, TX  


"While at Gary Lee Partners, Bethany proved to be a great asset to the firm in leading the furniture procurement effort. Her attention to detail and her strong commitment to excellence greatly contributed to the growth and success of our procurement services. In addition, her positive and cheerful attitude made her a delight to work with.

Leann Lazzari, Principle, Gary Lee Partners, Chicago, IL  


Communicating the designer's specifications correctly + effectively is essential.


It was important that the furnishings in this home stood up to the owner's highly-regarded art collection. The designers accomplished this by creating custom furniture pieces of their own designs with carefully selected fabric colorings. The most important aspect of the process was effectively and accurately communicating their furniture specifications.  Interior Procurement Group answered this by providing detailed purchase orders, accurate records of fabric sample + drawing approvals, and by maintaining ongoing communication between the design team and vendors. 



When a designer is freed up to support their client, ongoing relationships can form. 


Every custom design detail of this residence became the perfect back drop for the client's extensive Asian artifact collection. With staircase, millwork and bronzed paneling designs to oversee in addition to furniture and material selections, the design team did not have time to order the furniture as well.  It was not an option to monopolize their time with furniture purchase orders, lead times and shipments.  IPG managed all of the behind-the-scene details so that the design team could forge a relationship that was focused on the client's specific needs. That freedom to direct attention to the client, turned them into a repeat customer. 


Accurate cost tracking show a designer's billing credibility and builds client trust


The designers used textural fabrics, leather rugs and custom wood finishes to create a monochromatic and serene setting against this home's stunning views of Lake Michigan.  These luxurious materials were significant investments for the client and were purchased from all around the world.  This resulted in above-average shipping costs and varied lead times. IPG monitored each shipment accurately in order to bill its associated customs, freight and warehousing costs with precision rather than estimation.  This meticulousness offered the client ease in knowing their money was being handled with care.  


A project of grand scale requires an effective and efficient purchasing process.


With multiple levels of indoor and outdoor common areas, in addition to a model unit, this was definitely a project of grand scale.  Greer Interiors and Interior Procurement Group worked closely together to create a procurement plan based on lead times, building schedules, and client needs. IPG also worked closely with a local warehouse to make sure all items were stored safely during construction and installed safely amidst building constraints.  The result was a sophisticated and timeless space in this luxury residential tower in downtown Austin.  



Custom furniture can come with a lot of risk and a lot of paperwork. 


They are expensive, non-returnable investments pieces.  All relatable vendor or handler correspondence needs to be made in writing in case anything should go wrong.  Every inch of this New York loft space was designed with intention and client customization, and therefore big risks.    Interior Procurement Group was able to relieve the designer of this concern and from the time consuming paperwork details.  Allowing them to focus on the design details which definitely paid off!   



Sometimes the quickest projects are the most complicated. 


This project posed a challenge for the designers.  The furniture had to stand up to the high-end details of the gold-coast building, but the schedule did not allow for long lead times.  They resolved this by sourcing readily available showroom samples and antique pieces that could be reuphostered or re-finished. This coordination became incredibly time consuming as each piece required multiple pick-ups between the seller, the workroom and to installation.  IPG managed all of the furniture ordering and transit details so that the design team could place their attention on the special design features of this project, like the custom wall paneling in the living room! 



Client, contractors, artisans etc....so many parties demand a designer's time


The sophistication of this project is evident in the custom millwork throughout and the marble slabs in the master bathroom that house specialized mirrors.  With so much attention to custom build outs, the design team had to make themselves readily available to the contractors and artisans on the job. Interior Procurement Group allowed them to do this by handling the correspondence between all other parties such as furniture vendors, drapery workrooms, and art/furniture installers.  That freedom allowed the designer time to provide the client with the hands on service that they expected. 


FFE sourcing alone can be time consuming enough.


The design team on this project had a lot on their plate with three separate model units and a sales center to furnish, all while backed up against a tight schedule in a building that was under construction.  The circumstances of this project did not allow advanced planning, so the design team was busy finding furniture, one piece at a time, right up to installation day.  IPG was there to handle all purchasing arrangements and to make sure everything was ordered and delivered immediately upon arrival so that the designers could fill in the blanks as they surfaced and continue their ongoing search without distraction.  


Procurement needs are unique to each project.


Gary Lee Partners used salvaged materials and antique pieces to create a refined and rustic appeal in this award-winning restaurant.  Many of the pieces found in the restaurant, including the Knoll Stephens Bentwood chairs and the vintage light fixtures and lamps, were culled from an extensive collection curated and owned by Gary Lee himself.  IPG managed the sales and inventory of this curated collection and coordinated any re-wiring or re-upholstery arrangements that were needed to make these vintage pieces usable in the space.